weaponsIt used to be that zooming-in on a target meant bringing your rifle to your shoulder, sighting your object through a small ‘v’ on the top, squeezing the trigger, and one bullet would zoom straight to your target.  This marksmanship took practice.  And if you practiced enough with a pistol you could grasp if from the holster on your hip, point it in the general direction of your target and still hit it.

But times have changed.  Now, anyone can hit the target from either hip, or from both at one time for that matter, without any practice.  All you need is one or two Bushmaster .223 Caliber rifles, the gun used by the killer at Sandy Hook Elementary School to spray 155 bullets in less than 5 minutes.  And NRA members say hunters need these guns so they don’t have to reload as often!

Those who have allowed this way of life have come through thousands of years of thinking that they must protect themselves from those they distrust or fear. They feel that these weapons give then the upper hand even when they often bring death to the innocent.

Let’s shoot straight from the hip in considering the ‘why’ of our reliance on guns for safety today. Let’s begin by spraying our love energy in all directions to ALL involved – starting with ourselves! Hundreds of children have died from guns since that terrible Dec. 14, 2012 occurrence that still grips our nation. Would we be so caught-up in this particular massacre if it had occurred at an inner-city school in Richmond, California? I think not. I, a white woman, taught early-childhood education classes there for years, and in a similar situation the pictures of most of the children would not have shown them neatly dressed but in hand-me-downs. Their mostly single mothers would not have been able to leave their jobs to campaign against guns. In four months their story would have been delegated to the back pages of the newspapers. Hopefully, the Sandy Hook killings will continue to be on page one and will make a difference in our gun laws. Our tears indicate a universal feeling of sharing the suffering of others, but particularly when the children involved remind us of our children.

The fact is that this empathy from those outside that community involved is dampened when hearing about the daily deaths in the mean streets of Chicago, or the thousands of children killed in Bosnia, Africa and elsewhere. Does this show some below- the-surface racism or social classism? I think not. Rather it shows an ignorance about these areas of our country and our world that until recently seemed far away. But I believe the biggest factor is our lethargy that comes from thinking that there are no solutions to these problems of inequality, or that this is not our problem. These feelings, both here and abroad, are fueled by the armament and gun sellers and the politicians in their pockets, so we’ll feel the ‘need’ of protection from these ‘others’. Let’s shoot from the hip with the reality bullets that show there are no winners in war but also no winners when locking up most of the black young men in our cities. Then we can begin reclaiming our humanity by finding creative solutions that benefit everyone.

To do so we need to see where our mid-set that nurtures violence lies. It is shown in the ways of living by those who buy, barter and lie their way through life – and then try to take what they think is theirs. This is often done without breaking laws and so we, caught up in success= money, fail to see the wrong because they seem to prosper. These ways of living lessen the community as these thoughtless ones take for themselves by leaving others out. But we pretend not to notice because we don’t want to rock-the-boat. Former President Bush told us to ‘go shopping’ as this would improve the economy – and keep our focus off of how his war was escalating. Now this busyness of life has taken over so that life is not always fruitful in the gracious sense. Rather, we live by taking but not giving, eating but not planting and touching but not loving. This has escalated in our families and our communities.

Government is the next rung of this ladder needing shaping-up through a barrage of straight-shooting thoughts. Our nation took this same road of individualism to the extreme which caused many to see us as the world’s most powerful nation when we were becoming less so. We’ve supported actions by pretending not to see how national security was a cover for our governments many forms of terrorism: from torturing prisoners to selling munitions to all sides of a conflict. In our pretense that our leaders are telling us the truth, we continue to let our country breed the terrorists that our leaders then tell us to distrust and fear.

Through this fear we’ve allowed our youth to become fodder in wars to annihilate all who would keep us from controlling the resources of the world. These youth become robots who follow the commands of those sent to do the work of their officers, their Presidents, and the masses (including you and me) who support them. This path to killing a so-called enemy is debilitating to everyone involved. And the hate and suspicion spawned continues through many generations.

In forgiving ourselves for our part in much human suffering, including the part played by the mentally deranged man who killed those 20 children, we’ll more clearly see the ‘why’ of the deranged political infighting over ‘what’ to spend ‘where’. Healthy families verses military bases all over the world! How can we expect to raise mentally healthy youngsters in a country that starts wars through lies or secretly kills thousands with unmanned drones? We owe our children freedom from fear – not armed teachers.

It’s now time to shoot-from-the-hip by shouting down the walls of ignorance that allow a few to continue breeding fear and violence as a way of life. This includes those who tie-up the workings of government so we think we can’t make the needed changes. It’s time to tear open the hearts of those not moved to action so they see the blood of children flowing in the streets. But in the process we need to remember that these others we blame are also us in various disguises. It’s time to reclaim ourselves as the spirits we are. Then by putting all posturing aside we marvelous creators will also find ways of re-aligning ourselves with Mother Earth by making the needed changes there. We each see this, we feel this. Now we need to act – but not in fear, only love!






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My Personal Experience with Child Abuse

child abuse

I seriously came to believe that I was in contact with my son, killed at age 16, when he gave me information about a missing child case that proved reliable.  I hadn’t been following this case because I was still feeling drained with how the issue of child abuse had affected my preschool a few years earlier.  This inner conflict stemmed from the media’s sensational accounts of an abuse case at one California center that was said to include Satan worship and other bizarre happenings.  This case was dropped months later when evidence showed that the prosecutors were manipulating the children’s testimonies.

When I later asked my ‘other-worldly’ contacts why I had been given that early information,  I was told that my son and others thought to reach me through my interest in children,  but also to show the need for more attention on those benefiting from child trafficking  and on the public’s apathy.  But before this contact, the public hysteria toward all institutions working with children caused procedures mandated at pre-schools such as fingerprinting the children and teaching them the dangers of talking to strangers.  We witnessed trauma in the children when any of the procedures were acted upon.

We were to instruct teachers to be careful when touching a child; warn male employees not to hug a child or hold them on their laps, and to document everything said and done that might pertain to these, and other rules, to protect ourselves from lawsuits.  I could not, in good faith, follow most of these rules because of my belief that the real child abuse was in separating children from their feelings that the world is a wonderful place. Also many studies showed touching, as in soothing, holding, and play to be the most important aspect of parenting and quality care.  One study showed our country lagging behind others in this loving gesture.  So, if anything, our children needed far more touch not less, as was being asked in this new policy.  My guidance said:

This exchange of energy through touch in fun and love is what the world is all about!  You came to that realm to be a part of this transaction of touch, so to not allow it disallows the basic instinct between persons. This leads to the disastrous touch that occurs later from those not touched enough, physically and emotionally, early in life. 

I now feel that this was the beginning of the media’s emphasis on violence and sex really reaching into the family.  Many adults put aside their focus on the love and joy found in the delicious, softer and lighter side of childhood to focus, instead, on the hard and darker side coming into their homes nightly on TV.  Since we create through our focused thoughts, we shouldn’t be surprised that this focus quickened the perversity already in the minds of some, including those in the media who then jumped on other ways of tantalizing viewers with stories and movies containing ever more sex and violence.

Life itself is tantalizingly beautiful, but until we allow ourselves to feel its finger of excitement run up and down our spines and surround our hearts in a love so powerful that we laugh and cry at the sight of a sunset, a dog’s lick on our face, or the sight of a child stomping in a rain puddle – we’ll help create this other dark reality.  Then our children will emulate our lack of love and self-control at an increasingly younger age – as we have seen with those involved in school shootings and other violent acts.   We inflict a heinous abuse on children when we distort their innate view of life as one that’s filled with love, joy, and wonder.  This is not childish innocence because they see life as it really is – it’s adults who distort life by insisting children view it through their distorted lenses.  My guidance said:

 The child abuse you fear is the one taking place in front of the TV where your children take the negative energy there into themselves.  But tell the parents that these negative influences shown on TV will not make such a dent in their children’s psyche if they haven’t made that dent in theirs.  Parents should monitor what they watch rather than to worry so much about what their children are seeing.

 The reality is that most child abuse takes place within the family and from friends.  In most cases of sexual abuse the parent or other adult recognizes the wrongness of this act but think they can’t help themselves.  They tell the child that they are acting out their love for them, so the child feels caught between feelings of love for this person and feelings of regret because of the physical and psychological pain this causes.  The reason for the continued pain is this inner rift – and so this problem may be submerged and denied for years.   Later, because society acts as if this is the worst thing to happen to a child, this scene resurfaces and is used as an excuse for other troubling thoughts that have nothing to do with this act.  My guidance says:

There are worse things than sexual excesses, but there are thoughts that now take this into the fullness of irrationality and bring on the despair of ever thinking of solutions.  This problem comes through the thoughts of those who think negatively about love and sex – so this is a problem between men and women. 

We can’t visit this subject without considering the pedophilic actions of some priests – which enlarged the judgment of the very nature of clerical power.  My guidance says:

Some take this advantage to the extreme by taking over the minds and bodies of those too young to listen to their innermost feelings that tell them the truth, and so they suffer with the thought that their God is molesting them.  Many are terrorized by this throughout their lives unless those within their family, or others, tell them the total truth: that these men are not only mixed up in their sexual urges but also in their total commitment to themselves, to others, and to the church. 

You each have the responsibility as a part of the community to think positively about this total problem and toward those molested and those doing the molesting.  There is not the schism here that you may imagine, and the ones thinking to right this must understand this before taking on the problem.  You need to take responsibility here yourselves rather than blame those who have no real idea that they are a part of the larger Whole.  Then the love of the Whole will travel the world to undo this past twisted logic, and many changes will follow that go far beyond this one misuse of creative energy.   

 For more insights about this whole subject, see my book, “Ye Gods! How the World Really Works”.


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Being At-One with our Youth

Youth culture

“There is only one prescription for a happy marriage, indeed for a happy life: to find the self; to love that self; and to allow that self to flourish before bringing that self to another or to add children to the mix.” This quote came to me during a period of meditation a few years ago and I especially like it because anyone allowing growth in themselves will find ways of allowing all family members to flourish. Plus, there is room here for a single person, or two of the same sex, to have children – something still stigmatized unless one suddenly has as personal experience in their immediate family!

There are many forms of love besides the love of family: the love of a certain thing like a car; the love of an idea like pursuing a different career; or the love felt when listening to piano music. To follow our loves enlarges our lives. Contrast this with the dominant thought about life in the 1960’s when many youth, and some adults, believed free love with no responsibility would be the way to live.

The disdain for adults who let the Vietnam War happen led many youth to proclaim that the past held no blueprint for them. They weren’t aware that the past was made of those challenges they also brought into being through their past reincarnations, and that they had incarnated at that time to take their learning from the past into the present. But, in thinking only partially they brought only their outer selves into the present – to become enamored with their bodies and their immediate desires without thinking of the needs of their inner person.

These youth did see the injustice in our government’s ways of disempowering individuals, but through their negative ways of looking at life they became their own nihilists. Many began doing drugs to bring the pleasure they felt denied through the church, school, and other institutions that they felt were tampering with their knowledge of their own importance. This thinking enabled excessive drug and sexual behavior to take over their lives with the same totalitarian force they had previously warred against. There is truth in the saying that we ‘get’ what we fight against!

Today, many youth are also overly enamored with the needs of the every-day self because the inner self has been denied. Because of this they deny the expression of thoughtfulness and love usually shared with family. This is the disquieting feeling felt by all seeking to find themselves. We need to explore these feeling with our youth so they may express what they inwardly know: that they came into life to change the way things ‘are’ rather than to become a part of the way they are – but to do so in total love. We need to give them the comfort of our love and then let them be our teachers – for they have many answers we adults who are also uncomfortable with many aspects of our lives today.

We know that we have done nothing while our government prepares for perpetual wars and while being told that renewable energy is too expensive. We watched the idea grew that women should have no control of their own bodies. But our youth are not standing aside. They are too individualistic, too ready to experiment in ways that feel right for them to accept the false teachings of our Government and our schools. This need not be a problem if adults respond to the needs of these youth for learning about, and acting on, what is truly relevant to their lives and adds to the freedom of expression for all.

But true freedom is only experienced by the individual in relation to the whole self – which includes others in their family, the community and in the total family of mankind. We need to share with our teenagers how we have let them and society down through our past actions and inactions. We need to share our basic desires as we listen to theirs. Then, together, we can plan how to bring these personal and shared dreams into reality in ways that will allow them to begin defining those new modes of living they feel will be relevant in their lives. Enough pessimism and inaction! There’s a beautiful future ahead when we all stop this agonizing, hair-splitting talk about things that need changing and begin taking concrete actions ourselves. Then we can look forward to the new in each new day, for much of the old has fulfilled its purpose of bringing us here.

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Consciousness Abounds in Everything

conscousnessWe ache for those whose homes are caught in a flood and we give to a charity when shown the face of a starving child.  We are attuned to those feelings we hold in common with others when watching a child stomping in a rain puddle or when viewing a beautiful sunset.  This connectedness to our innate Oneness, or consciousness, is the source of much joy and love in our lives.  But where does consciousness begin and end?  Is it in animals, in plants, or in the chair we’re sitting on?   To many, that thought is dismissively anthropomorphic: attributing our human characteristic to what is non-human.  But science, that nemesis of these seeming playthings of the mind, is making exciting inroads into an expanded consciousness.

I know from experiences with pet rats in my classroom that they were empathetic animals and not just some creature with a long tail that the children’s mothers feared! Aha – a recent vindication came in a 2012 study showing that a rat could be a “Good Samaritan” to a fellow rat.  Researchers at the University of Chicago came to the conclusion that a rat showed empathy and apparently selfless behavior through watching one learning how to release a fellow rat from a restrictive cage and then give that previous captive some chocolate chips saved from its stash!  This empathetic behavior had been previously observed only in primates.

Later that year a group of neuroscientists at a conference to study animal consciousness declared that human and animal consciousness were alike.  After many studies supporting the evidence they called for The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness that states:       “The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states.  Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors.  Consequently, the weight of evidence indicates that humans are not unique in possession the neurological substrates that generate consciousness.  Nonhuman animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also possess these neurological substrates”.

 What about plants?  Studies years ago showed that when someone seriously thought of burning a plant’s leaf, gyrations occurred in the polygraph machine hooked to that plant.  This, and other studies not considered scientifically based, showed that plants not only ‘felt’ but also responded to another plant’s ‘feelings’.  Now researchers have revealed how plants talk by adding the protein that makes fireflies glow to a cabbage leaf’s DNA.  When a leaf is cut it emits this gas, now seen on camera, to warn its neighbors of possible trouble.

 But let’s take this consciousness probe even further.  Previously the theory was that soot and dust were the catalysts needed to produce rain and snow. Now, with the discovery that certain bacteria carry a gene that allows them to form ice, along with the realization that the skies are teeming with tons of microbial life, scientists are amassing evidence of a connection with the genes of certain bacteria for ice nucleation.  It seems that these microbes can rip open plant cells to devour their nutrients along with causing certain plants to freeze more slowly.  So, it may be that ice nucleation might have emerged as an ecological hand-shake between bacteria and the plants they lived on before flying high in the atmosphere to ultimately give life to us!

 But then there’s that chair you’re sitting on that is  living in the sense its many atoms are constantly on the move!  Plus, it imbibes the energy of its past ‘treeness’ plus that of its designers and builders.  How exhilarating to think that everything around us is a part of us and that all is really One!  When that fact is emotionally internalized we never again will feel alone or as a stranger in this paradise.

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The Contentious Issue of Abortion

fetusAbortion is not murder.  The life force, the spirit, is not in a fetus that is about to be aborted. This spirit never dies.  This truth will be hard to believe by many on both sides of the “Right to Life” debate, but this basic ‘law-of-life’ that we are ignoring is keeping our minds and our world in constant flux.

OK – you’re piqued but doubtful – but stay “open” to the advice I received from ‘spirits’ who once were on this realm: “Explore the deeper feelings behind both sides of the right-to-life views and you will discover that the basic feelings are the same.   All are really pro-life advocates – the disagreement is on the meaning of the word ‘life’.”  Then was added, “The spirit of the child knows the circumstances and comes into life with those circumstances in mind.” 

“Those wishing to take on life only for the few moments enter just before life to experience the birth and the deliciousness of that first breath, and then they leave.  Those desiring to take their experience no further than the first trimester will take to the body soon after conception.  Those wishing to experience the time of delivery but not the total life will take their spirit into that body for the appropriate amount of time, perhaps leaving when quite small to help those around them understand death, or for some bigger plan for many.  There are those whose spirit comes into the body the first moment after birth rather than before birth because they have not decided on this life totally at that time. Those thinking that abortion kills the spirit that is in the uterus will take offense here, because those deciding on abortion tell this to the spirit before it enters, and so that spirit was never there but awaits another time to enter.”

If you’re wondering how the spirit knows what is about to happen when we think that we don’t know, the basic answer is that our spirits are really ONE with each other.  We accept this occasionally as with the thought of identical twins possessing the ability to feel with each other even when they are out of contact. We assume they have the same feelings even though these aspects of our humanness are not coded in our DNA, and, in fact, cannot be found to originate or reside anywhere in the body.  Still, this idea of an identical twin’s ability to think the thoughts of the other then allows this reality:  “The reality is that all are connected to each other in this same manner.  This just-under-conscious awareness of the truth of this connection is latent in each of you.” 

There are lots of other related thoughts explored in my book, “Ye Gods! How the World REALLY Works”, concerning the beguiling movements within the uterus and the knowledge that the fetus can experience pain.  But just as important are the positive ways of living that will help those not aware of their part in the pain and deaths that come from keeping the facts of life and family planning from anyone.  There is no need for the issue of abortion to be the most contentious issue of our times.  The religions of our day need to take the lead here by acknowledging that their “sanctity-of-life” policies have not only failed the girl next door but also the millions who are dying in poverty world-wide.  Then, through the light of our joint consciousness, we will find better ways of handling ourselves and our progeny.

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BJM - SoulHow can we know that death is not the end?   Preachers say that we go somewhere else after death – but they are repeating stories handed down from the past that were written down in their scriptures.  Those with past-life or out- of-body experiences are said to be experiencing ‘visions’ through the actions of some bodily chemicals.   Atheists would say that all such beliefs are delusional or wishful thinking.  Pragmatists wonder “What’s all the fuss?  Our beliefs depend on the culture in which one is born – so no answer is better than another.”  This is even more-to-the-point with those who believe in reincarnation – a belief that we have been born into many cultures to re-experience some past happenings and to have new experiences for our growth.

I am writing this blog on the 39th anniversary of the death of my son, Kevin, who at age 16 was hit by a car when crossing the street after school.   His death paralyzed me, in a sense, for years, but eventually became the energizing focus of my life. Death energizing?  Yes, because through Kevin I learned that death is not the end!

I had long before relinquished religion from pointing toward anything but myths and the innumerable wars still fought for dominance of one view over another.   I had read innumerable New Age books on life-after-death with the hope of learning that Kevin ‘still was’ and perhaps achieving some contact.  But the trappings I encountered left me feeling as constrained from truth as did those in the church.  But I did believe in an over-all Oneness in all things because I often felt this; and I occasionally felt inspiration coming from somewhere ‘else’ during my writing.  So, I decided to meditate and then to hold a pencil on a piece of paper to see what might happen!  Words slowly formed.  And then some that were said to be from Kevin!

Feeling elated but perturbed with the thought that this was some kind of parlor game,  I had a ‘vision’ of a child in trouble, and on asking Kevin if this were the boy I identified as the missing child in the morning newspaper – I received a “yes”.  Then he gave me the names of three men involved.  I called these names into an ‘anonymous’ phone number.  A few days later a newspaper article about the case included the sentence “Would the woman who called (on the day I had called) please call back as you have important information.”  I called: the names were of real men! I, a real novice here, was then asked to work on this case with a Forensic Psychic.

What are the larger ramifications here?  Are they as profound as a psychic finding a body, dead or alive: situations that show some of the vast reaches of consciousness? The difference is that this case shows an existing connection beyond our realm and the continuation of life after bodily death.  Those now on that other realm (really a part of this one) knew I needed this ‘proof’ to begin writing about our overall connection with all of life. It took 25 years to do so because of my many questions to verify the validity of what I was getting.  The outcome: my newly published book, Ye Gods! How the World REALLY Works.

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Who You Really Are!

perplexed manYou are a God!  This truth will sound blasphemous to many although it’s referred to in several religions and by many philosophers.   The channeled truth in my book “Ye Gods! How the World REALLY Works”, is that our “Godness” is because we were a part of that overall Energy Consciousness in the very beginning and are still its creative edge.  We Gods create by molding this energy through our thoughts and the intensity of our living.  It’s because of our connection to All-That-Is that we can perceive truths from our inner-most part – our spirit.  So there’s nothing mysterious here.  Each of us is a channel for truth.  And we do our best creating when we are consciously aware of this and of our relationship to all others.

But why do we Gods do the awful things we do?  Most of these creations we call “bad” happen because we are unaware of our marvelous creative ability and so create unconsciously. Then we blame God for allowing bad things to happen to good people, and blame the Devil when people do bad things.  This book visits many of the negative creations we’ve unleashed on ourselves and our world, creations we wouldn’t have spawned if we’d known that our part in evolution is to create consciously, with purpose and joy!

This concept of humanity gives far more meaning to the ‘why’ of our existence than do the usual ideas of Freudianism, evolution or creationism.  Add the failure of religious institutions to actively explore our inner natures, and of science telling us that every feeling can be accounted for as a chemical reaction or imbalance of some kind – and  it’s no wonder many view life as a chore as they flail around searching for some deeper meaning here.  Marketing has moved into this black hole with an explosion of commercials touting the latest pharmaceutical product to bring emotional and physical relief.  Psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers who’ve stepped into this vacuum often develop hypotheses that are dealt out as truths – and the incredible truth of mankind’s positive creative nature becomes further hidden.  This causes many to become more passive about their ability to make the needed changes in their lives and the world.

All of our creations come about for our eventual growth, but we’ve reached a tipping point where we’ve stopped evolving and are going backwards with escalating wars and terrorism; the money drain from education and wellness programs; forgoing liberty and justice for momentary expedience, and now the many global changes.   We’ve been blaming others in our family, our society, and our political set-ups nationally and internationally rather than to accept our part here and then rewriting these scripts crying-out for attention.  This book shows how we, as Gods ourselves, can begin to re-write these scenes right now – not in some distant future when it may be too late.

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